Indonesian Cyberpunk Adventure ‘Rendezvous’ Releasing on PC in April

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We all love a good cyberpunk world, and it is about time that Southeast Asian creators get to take their own cities and give them a futuristic twist. We’ve seen a Singaporean take on it with Chinatown Detective Agency, and now here’s an Indonesian take with Rendezvous.

Developed by Indonesian studio Pendopo Creations and published by HitcentsTravel, Rendezvous takes place in 2064 through the seedy cyber-noir cities of Neo-Surbaya and Bay City.

Players assume the role of Setyo, a former criminal now living a mundane life as a security technician. After learning his sister is caught in a dangerous situation, Setyo must face his dark past to save her from following in his footsteps and recover what’s left of their family.

As they begin their adventure, players will explore the underbelly of a world in flux, with problematic advancements in technology. Players will witness cultural clashes as the last remnants of the old world crash into a brutal and unforgiving future.

Danger lurks around every corner as players face merciless thugs and callous cyberrunner gangs, with visits to crooked cybernetic workshops, interrogating citizens for clues about Setyo’s missing sister.

Setyo’s past as a criminal is useful for gathering clues, uncovering long-hidden secrets, and solving challenging puzzles. The game also features an arsenal of weapons to take down vicious enemies, with players also able to opt for stealth, sneaking past foes to avoid bloodshed.

All in all, players will enjoy an emotional cyberpunk adventure with gorgeous 2D hand-drawn pixel art in a 2.5D world meshed with modern dynamic lighting that brings depth and life to the city around Setyo.

“Rendezvous is a personal story highlighting what we would do for family and the clashes generations face as technology moves more quickly than values,” said CEO and Chairman of Pendopo Studios, Puspa Siregar. “Our hope is that, by meshing cyberpunk, noir, and suspense elements, we deliver a special experience PC gamers will treasure.”

From IGN Southeast Asia’s time with the game, we can confidently say that this game nails its adventure game mechanics and atmosphere. We truly recommend classic PC gamers check Rendezvous out.

Rendezvous launches via Steam on April 11 and will support English and Indonesian language options.

This post might contain affiliation links. If you buy something through this post, the publisher may get a share of the sale.
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