Federal Trade Commission (FTC) disclosures exist in order to protect the principle that consumers have the right to hear only honest and fair endorsements. In short, they ensure that endorsements made by a company are not designed to trick consumers into believing claims or making purchases based on false or omitted information.

Malehealthinstitute.org desires to be fully transparent and assure its customers that its endorsements are made in full honesty. Any links found on the company website should be assumed to be affiliate links. This means that if an individual visits the website and clicks a link, a cookie will be sent to their browser. This allows the company to receive a commission if the individual makes a purchase on the landing website of the link. Affiliate marketing is one of the most common and widely accepted ways of earning an income through advertising.

Malehealthinstitute.org is proud of its affiliate products including male enhancement products and endorses them with full confidence. The products, services, and companies advertised through links on the website are believed to be of excellent quality and integrity. Some customers may wonder why links on the company website are shortened or changed. This is merely a common way to avoid the use of long, unappealing links. They do not reflect any attempt to hide an endorsement of a company or product.

As well, it is important to note that any reviews, ratings, or posts found on this website do not directly provide the company with cash or physical goods. There has been no type of payment whatsoever for these reviews. Further, it is important for the customer to consider a conflict of interest. While the company does not believe a conflict of interest exists, it is the responsibility of the customer to decide if the affiliate relationship has influenced the company’s reviews and posts about other male enhancement products. This company posts reviews honestly and with the intention of highlighting products and companies which are trusted. All reviews are made in full sincerity and with the goal of bringing quality products and services to the consumer.

Another type of advertisement found on the company website takes the form of paid advertising. This can appear in a number of ways, such as banners, links, and widgets. This company is not responsible for any of the claims made on such paid advertisements. However, a great deal of effort is put into ensuring only the highest quality male enhancement products are advertised on the site.

The following presents the same information as above but in a more careful, legal-oriented way. It is the company’s Compensation & Affiliate Disclaimer policy, effective from January 1, 2022, forward.

This policy aims to highlight and make transparent all compensatory affiliation between the owner of the website and affiliate networks including Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Google, Share-A-Sale, as well as each individual vendor represented by the networks and make it known that the website owner has established an affiliate relationship. This is in accordance with the directions of the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (see 16 CFR Part 255).

FS eBiz ltd. operates and maintains this website. Questions and concerns can be delivered by contacting the company at info@fsebiz.com.

Affiliate compensation may be accepted by this website at certain times. This can take the form of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions, or other types of affiliate compensation.

It is possible that this compensation may affect the content of advertisements, posts, and topics found on the website. These posts, advertisements, and other content may not always be made known as content created for payment or sponsorship. Not all content and posts have been created solely for earning affiliate income.

The website owner(s) receive income through affiliate advertising and some content includes opinions concerning products, services, websites, as well as other topics. While the website owner(s) may earn affiliate income for posts and advertisements, all reviews and recommendations are made based on honesty and personal experiences, findings, and beliefs. All opinions and views expressed on the website are solely those of the website. Consumers should verify all claims, statistics, quotes, or other representations of products with the manufacturer, provider, or party referred to.

Some of the content on the website may contain a conflict of interest. While the website will make every effort to distinguish advertising content from general content, this may not always be immediately possible.

When a consumer follows a link on a website to a subsequent website and purchases a product there like ordering VigRX Plus online, the owner of the original website earns compensation. While this sounds simple, it can often take up to a year before significant income is earned through affiliate marketing.

The amount paid per purchase is decided by the merchant. Traditionally, however, compensation is given according to CPS, or commission per sale. As is to be expected, more competitive industries tend to offer higher rates of commission than less competitive industries.

How Do I Know If I Visited An Affiliate Site?

Unique links are provided by affiliate networks to their affiliates in order to bring website visitors over to the merchant’s website. Hovering over a banner or other advertisement and looking at the link can often tell the consumer if they will be taken to an affiliate site.

How Does Visiting An Affiliate Site Affect Me?

When visiting a merchant’s website, you will see the exact same page whether you directly went to the merchant’s website or if you clicked an affiliate link through a different website. As well, the same price will be paid for products and services whether buying directly through the merchant or by following an affiliate link. Following these links, therefore, have no direct impact on the purchases made by an individual.

This company only uses affiliate links to companies that have its full trust and confidence. Consumer transparency is a priority for both this company and its affiliates. If there is an issue with an affiliate company, please contact the company immediately.