Fact and myths about male enhancement supplement

Male enhancement supplements have been around in the market for some time now, but men are still unsure about which ones to choose. The reason is that facts and myths about male enhancement pills have gotten mixed so much that it is hard to distinguish lies from truths.

Here are some facts and myths about male enhancement pills that will help you make your decisions:


  • Male Enhancement Supplements Are Clinically Tested

Authentic products from reliable companies are always clinically tested before product launch. If there are any side effects or the product does not work according to expectations, it is not released to the public.

VigRX is one of the bestselling male enhancement supplements clinically tested by the formulating company Leading Edge Health. The participants were tested three times in a period of 84 days, and the improvement in their sex drive was significant. Only then was the product launched in the market.

  • Male Enhancement Supplements Are Based On Natural Ingredients

Many male enhancement supplements like VigRX are based on natural ingredients like Damiana (a wild shrub grown in North America) and Bioperine (extracted from black pepper).

The natural ingredients are chosen by medical professionals who have combined age-old recipes for sexual health tinctures and developed them into male enhancement products.

Other natural ingredients in VigRX include epimedium leaf, Asian red ginseng, hawthorn berry, Ginkgo Biloba, and Catuaba bark.


  • Male Enhancement Supplements Work Within Hours

Many men expect male enhancement supplements to work within hours and wish to perform better the next day or even on the same day.

If the product is based on natural ingredients, it would never claim to bring a lasting improvement in your sexual health in a few hours, even if there is improvement possible on the first day. VigRX clearly states that improving erectile function and penis girth will be observable in 30 to 60 days.

It is advised not to fall for advertisements that claim to enhance erectile function immediately; they might cause irreversible side effects.

  • All Male Enhancement Supplements Have Side Effects

One of the common myths about male enhancement supplements is that they all have side effects. In alternative medicine, natural ingredients are used that never have side effects. The introduction of synthetic drugs in prescriptive medicine usually results in side effects.

VigRX is the perfect example of a male enhancement supplement that does not have adverse side effects because it is purely extracted from natural ingredients.

However, you may hear people using natural male enhancement supplements complaining about side effects. The reason is that just like any other medicine, you must follow the dosage instructions and guidelines for use. If you try to hasten the process by taking too many pills in a day, it is bound to produce a reaction in the body, just like eating any beneficial food in excess.

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